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City of Harrison Updates Alcohol Board, Guidelines

In a special meeting Thursday evening, the Harrison City Council passed an ordinance to clear up procedures for the issuing an Alcohol Selling License in the city. 

During the presentation by City Attorney Nancy Cartwright, she discussed the process in catching up the city in getting copies of state reports that alcohol sellers are required to fill out as well as get the city’s Alcohol Control Board procedures updated to get license renewals completed by the city mandated July 1st deadline. 

The Council passed the ordinance to revise the procedures on three reads because of the upcoming deadline followed by Mayor Jerry Jackson appointing members to the board. Jackson stated that by ordinance, the Mayor and Chief of Police are joined by a council member, which by Jackson’s appointment will be Joel Williams. Other members appointed are Gwen Hoffman and Howard Braymer. 

The Alcohol Control Board has a meeting scheduled for this morning at 10:00 at City Hall. 

More details on the meeting can be found on the City of Harrison Government Facebook Page.

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