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The art of handmade cedar signs

Handmade cedar signs, is this art form lost? Gary and Kim Lane from Here’s Your Cedar Sign

You know, handmade cedar signs have always been super popular, but lately, the industry's been kind of fading away. But hey, don't worry, there's a way to fix it!

There's this local expert, Gary Lane, who's been in the business since 2006 and owner of Here’s Your Cedar Sign since 2015. He admits the industry isn't as big as it used to be, and the number of craftsmen making these signs is getting smaller. It's sad because there's a real difference between the computer-made ones and the handmade ones.

See, computer-made signs are just copies of one design, while handmade signs offer a bunch of varieties. Each one is unique, not some mass-produced clone.

But here's the good news! Gary's got some ideas to build interest in the industry again. He's thinking about getting more people involved in trades like welding and attracting them to the world of handmade cedar signs.

According to Gary, there are two big reasons why folks might want to join in. First, it's a "change of pace" from regular jobs. You get to use your hands, but it's way more interesting and creative.

And second, there's a real sense of pride in creating something unique and personalized. You know, each sign is a work of art, and it's cool to see your craftsmanship on display.

So, here's the plan to get the industry booming again:

Let's make sure people know that handmade cedar signs are not just your run-of-the-mill signs. They're special, crafted with love and attention to detail.

Gary suggests bringing all the craftsmen together and creating a little community. Workshops, gatherings, and events where they can share their skills and ideas will help the industry get stronger.

We should also get some apprentice programs going. You know, experienced folks like Gary could teach the newbies the ropes, and that way, the craft can keep going for generations.

Time to get the word out! Let's market these signs as something unique and customizable. Social media, local events, and partnerships with home decor stores could help spread the word.

We gotta get creative with these signs. Maybe collaborate with interior designers or businesses in the hospitality industry to create custom pieces for their places. And how about some fresh and modern designs while keeping that traditional charm?

One more thing – let's remind people that handmade cedar signs are eco-friendly too! Cedar is renewable, and making things by hand has a smaller carbon footprint compared to mass production.

With Gary Lane's expertise and these ideas in action, we can bring back the charm of handmade cedar signs, attract new talent, and make sure this awesome tradition doesn't fade away!


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