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How to Maximize Your Kitchen Space

Ready to organize your kitchen? It can be easier than you think! Advise from Beyond Cabinets & Design



  • When it comes to organizing your kitchen counters and cabinets, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Pots, pans, and appliances can take up lots of space and most of the time end up being thrown in a cabinet (or lost until you dig through the pile.)If you are remodeling, or just need to reorganize, it can seem difficult to find a place for everything. Here’s how Leanna from Beyond Cabinets & Design maximizes kitchen space:
  • Optimize inserts:
    • Since most cabinets usually come with 2 flat shelves, your space is limited. But with inserts, you can optimize the overhead space or make it more accessible for you. Beyond Cabinets & Design works with vendors with a huge variety of organizational tools to make cooking a breeze. You could use things like:
    • a spice rack to keep all your spices in order
    • shelf risers for more shelves
    • roll out trays
    • a lazy susan
    • cabinet door add on storages
    • trash can pull-outs
    • -pot and pan organizers -and

                         -knife and utensil pull outs


  1. Get creative

          Try stackable containers or tubs to save cabinet room. You could also try hanging up hooks or rods to stash away bulkier items like coffee mugs. By doing this you give every place a home in your kitchen so you never misplace a thing. You can also use a label maker to label bins and shelves to stay on track.



           Another way to make more space is to use the storage above your fridge and ovens to place flat pans or cutting boards. If you do it right, you can neatly maximize storage in all areas of your kitchen.

       2.Get rid of stuff

             A lot of people hold onto items they don’t need on the off-chance they might use it again. You should throw away or

             donate items if you haven’t used them in the past 6 months or longer. You should also donate or throw away items that                   have holes, dents, or chips in them.

           Many people also have seasonal or holiday trays/items that take up a lot of space. You should back stock these items and put them in storage until you need them again.

  In conclusion, maximizing your kitchen comes down to finding a place for every item and getting rid of what's                 not needed!

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