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College of the Ozarks to rebroadcast Fall Convocation with James Brown (JB), NFL announcer

POINT LOOKOUT, MO. — College of the Ozarks is now rebroadcasting the Leonard B. and Edith Gittinger Fall Convocation, featuring James Brown (also known as JB), which originally occurred on Thursday, Oct. 12, 2023.

JB is the host of The NFL Today on CBS and a special CBS news correspondent, as well as a three-time Emmy Award-winner. He has hosted the Super Bowl a record-breaking 11 times.

Access to the rebroadcasting of the event is available online at James Brown - Fall 2023 Convocation (

Thousands attended the convocation originally, including students, staff, and faculty, in The Howell W. Keeter Athletic Complex on the College’s campus. Due to the overwhelming amount of interest, the event is now available online until Dec. 8, 2023.

The convocation followed a fireside chat style, hosted by Dr. Brad Dolloff, dean of School of the Ozarks. Student athletes joined them on stage as JB answered questions about living a life of faithful influence. He also shared memories, life lessons, and stories from those who have impacted him most in his journey.

“The most famous and important people in my life were my mother and father, who are in heaven right now,” JB said. “I like to say they were high school graduates, but they had Ph.D.s in drive and determination. All they wanted for their five children was to get the best in life by earning it the old-fashioned way.”

Dolloff asked questions on the importance of living a faith-driven life with excellence in all aspects. JB described learning at a young age from his coaches that while God and sports were both important parts of his life, God must come first. He has carried this principle with him through his life and now applies it to his current career as an NFL broadcaster.

“I know that my company did not hire me to proselytize. They hired me to do my job excellently. My faith is what they get because that is who I am. I try to model my faith, but I don’t walk around trying to beat people over the head with a Bible. If they ask me a question, they are going to get a biblical answer.”

JB finished his time by encouraging the students in their faith. He also offered words of wisdom for students to continue deepening their knowledge of God and the Bible.

“I got a chance to see the College in person today with all these outstanding young people who give me hope. There is hope, as God says in His Word. No matter what we see going on out in the world. We have some awesome people here at C of O, and God is getting ready to unleash them on the whole world. All I would encourage each of you to do is to not compromise.”

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