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‘Cicada-geddon’: Arkansas and Missouri Among States to Soon be Bombarded With Cicadas?

(NEXSTAR) — Many in the U.S. will soon be face to face with the biggest bug emergence in centuries. In what some are calling “cicada-geddon,” trillions of cicadas underground are on track to crawl out in a double dose of weirdness.

First, around mid-May, we’ll see Brood XIX emerge. Considered the largest periodical cicada group, they emerge every 13 years. As that group disappears, another group, Brood XIII, will emerge. This group resurfaces every 17 years.

“They overwhelm you with numbers,” Dr. Frank A. Hale, of the University of Tennessee’s Extension program, told Nexstar’s WKRN. Hale estimated that some areas may see up to a million cicadas per acre.

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