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Carter Grace Foundation and Golf

The Carter Grace Foundation is sponsering a golf tournament, according to Bob Brown.

He appeared on KHOZ's "Around The Table" on Tuesday to talk about that and more. The golf event is on June 22 at Diamond Hills Country Club at 8:30 a.m. Brown expressed a desire to gather more golfers to the tournament. Registration information is online.

The foundation has helped more people from the first of this year through the end of March than in the previous two years together.  He attributes that success to awareness of the foundation.

Feb. 1 was his second-year anniversary with the foundation. He said one of the desires has been to experience natural growth and that has happened. Brown highlighted recent times the group has helped others.

The recent tornado left a lot of need. The foundation stepped in to help.

Brown is available by phone at 870-302-9354. More was discussed on the broadcast.

The full interview with Brown is on the "Around The Table" Facebook Page.

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