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Career Pathways Helps Parents go to College

Career Pathways helps single and married parents make their college goals achievable.

North Arkansas College students Cody Wyle, Leah Richardson and Career Pathways alumni Jessica McDonald appeared on KHOZ's "Around The Table" on Thursday to discuss the program. Wyle explained that it assists parents in advancing their education by going to college.

He said that it can help parents with childcare, tuition, books and fuel cost. The criteria for eligibility isn't complex.

McDonald said anyone who has a child or is a legal guardian of one is eligible for the program. Additionally, the program remains applicable as long as the student is enrolled in school. The other piece of that is that students must continue to qualify based on their income.

McDonald said that there's a "really high-income qualification." Students don't need to take a full-time student courseload to benefit from the program.

Anyone interested in the Career Pathways program should call 870-391-3153 or email More was discussed on the broadcast.

The full interview with McDonald, Richardson and Wyle is on the "Around The Table" Facebook Page.

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