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Storm Report: Strong Winds Bring Down Cell Phone Tower, Damages Marina in Stone County

Part of the damage sustained at the Cape Fair Marina after Wednesday's Thunderstorm (Photo by Jill Barlow)

The storms that moved through the Lakes Region on Wednesday produced 70-80 MPH winds at the surface with stronger winds aloft. 

According to the survey report posted by the National Weather Service, a free-standing 280 Feet Tall Cell Phone Tower collapsed near Cape Fair due to the strong winds aloft that reached 100 MPH. The report indicates that the tower’s base was at an elevation of 1308 Feet with the strong winds occurring at the top of that tower. 

The survey report adds that the wind gusts of 70-80 MPH caused the damage at the Cape Fair Marina that damaged the dock as well as snapping off many tree limbs in the area.

No injuries were reported at the Marina or Campground. 

A Tornado Warning was issued for a time for areas between Cape Fair and Branson as this storm moved through but no funnel clouds sightings have been reported. 

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