Heath Kirkpatrick on Courthouse Building

    KHOZ guest host Heath Kirkpatrick talked Friday about the old courthouse.

    During KHOZ's "Around The Table" show, Kirkpatrick said a staircase lift needs to be replaced. He estimated it taking about $40,000. The boiler system is needing to be replaced as well, and he said the cost is "astronomical." It's around $200,000. Kirkpatrick also talked about the new county courthouse.

    He said it's probably a year before everything is set for transfer to the new building. The guest host expressed that he still wishes the Crocket Tower was purchased so everyone could be downtown. The renovation process continues.

    Kirkpatrick said it is months and maybe a year away from completion. He also discussed the old federal building and more.

    The entire interview with Kirkpatrick is on the "Around The Table" Facebook Page.

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