Gas Prices on the Rise as U.S. Shuts Off Imports from Russia

    The invasion by Russia of Ukraine had already started gas prices going up and the Tuesday announcement of no more United States imports of Russian Oil expected to continue that trend.

    FOX News correspondent Jeff Monosso, during an interview on KRZK's "Ozarks Now" program Tuesday, said that the announcement from President Joe Biden comes as the administration has previous shutdown some projects like the Keystone Pipeline that was designed to make the country more energy independent. Monosso says projections from the Energy Industry indicates that the price per gallon of gasoline will  continue to rise past the already record levels. 

    President Biden during his speech also said that prices will go up at the pump but also asked the energy industry to help find other resources to help offset the rising price. 

    The rise in prices come just as many parts of the Ozarks expect to see heavy vehicle traffic for the upcoming visitor season. 

    The complete interview with Jeff Monosso of FOX News is below:

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