FOX News Correspondent: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Major Event

    Simon Owen photo courtesy FOX News Radio.

    A network radio correspondent says that the continuing Russia invasion of Ukraine is very significant in light of what it could signal ahead.

    FOX News Radio International Correspondent Simon Owen says during an interview Wednesday on KRZK's "Ozarks Now" program that the tone of Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's speech to Congress brought that point home with references to 911 and Pearl Harbor. Owen says that Zelenskyy wants pressure not only put on by other countries toward Russia, but from the U.S Congress to the Biden Administration to increase the amount of aid. 

    Owen also talks about his recent time in the Ukraine Capital of Kiev just days before the invasion started, stating it has been amazing how quick the transition from busy major city to a war ravaged area was after the start of the invasion. 

    The complete interview with Simon Owen can be heard below:

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