Eureka Springs Approves Renovation Contract for Basin Spring Park

    Photo courtesy Ozarks First

    The Eureka Springs Parks and Recreation Commission has begun the first phase of repairing and renovating the historic Basin Spring Park.

    “It’s just a great, great space and great history for us. And yet it’s really starting to deteriorate,” said Scott Miskiel, Executive Director for Eureka Springs Parks and Recreation Commission. “We’ve got some underground collapsing of some culverts that are… causing the promenade or the plaza of the park to become less than optimal. I can see the sinking… of our fountain.”

    Miskiel said that they are at a point where they have no option, but to start repairing as soon as possible. He said its been at least 100 years since the last time a project of this scope has been done.

    “I know by around 1890 there was a significant amount of work that had been done. For instance, a fountain was… constructed, walks were placed in there, and… a gazebo was built,” said Miskiel. The gazebo is also included as a part of this project.

    Miskiel said he hopes to keep the park open as long as they can during the different phases.

    The commission approved a contract with McClelland Engineering to assess the issues of the park to have a better idea of how much time and money the project will take.

    “We want to make sure that everything they ultimately design for us will be consistent with the site’s history,” said Miskiel. The park is looking at approximately $50,000 just for the conceptual agreed-upon design. “Sure, there will be, you know, some slight changes and who knows, possibly significant changes. But everything that we’ll do will have to mesh or meld real well with the historical look and feel of the park.”

    (Story by Tony Nguyen, Ozarks First)

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