Can you catch the omicron COVID-19 variant twice?

    With the rise of the BA.2 variant of COVID-19, a subvariant of omicron that is also called stealth omicron, are people who caught the virus in the last wave susceptible again?

    Early research indicates it’s not likely the subvariant will reinfect most people who just caught omicron in this recent wave of cases, but it is possible.

    study of 2 million people in Denmark conducted between November and February found 187 instances of reinfection. Of those 187 cases, 47 were people who had the BA.1 variant, then caught the BA.2 variant.

    According to Healthline, the majority of the people in the study who caught both omicron subvariants were young and unvaccinated. They did not have severe cases.

    The study has not yet been peer-reviewed. The full article can be read on

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